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Fort Lauderdale Water damage repair

Water damage in FT Lauderdale, Florida is a prevalent concern for home owners and renters. Hurricanes, flood, and extreme weather conditions make it important to know you can count on a competent company in the area to take care of the various types of water damage and mold problems. Water buildup can cause various extents of damage.

Hidden Water Buildup

While some water damage can be seen through stains on the wall, ceiling, around doors and windows, around pipes, or in other tight places, some water damage may be hidden in deep spaces, like attics or cellars (areas in your home that you may not use often) This water may also come from leaky pipes or other home fixtures. It’s never a good idea to ignore even some water accumulation because you risk the water eventually weakening the walls in your home or, in extreme cases, causing the floor to give out. Water naturally expands to surrounding areas, making water damage Ft Lauderdale, Fl a real concern.

A Mold Problem

Keep in mind that excess water buildup in certain areas in your home can create the perfect warm and moist environment for mold to stay and reproduce. Excess mold in your home can lead to symptoms of illness including: allergic reactions, rashes, headaches, constant coughing and sneezing, throat irritation, and other adverse health reactions.

Mold is Safe in Reasonable Numbers

These microscopic fungus spores can breed at a rate of millions per day. The complete elimination of mold is not feasible because they are, to an extent, naturally acquiring organisms. However, Ft Lauderdale water damage specialist can remover the excess mold and help the mold count decrease to it natural numbers that don’t pose any serious health risks or risks to your quality of life. A water damage restoration and repair Fort Lauderdale specialist uses commercial water removal equipment as well as chemicals -that are safe to be used in households with small children and/or pets- to remove all extra water from tight areas and enough mold to bring the mold could down to neutral, safe levels.

Don’t Wait

If you notice any water damage in your home or if you are struggling to get rid of excess water in your home call a water damage specialist who will also handle all mold removal needs. A Ft Laudedale mold removal company will make sure to restore the cleanliness of your home in no time.

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