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Fire Damage

Fire is the reason we go to great lengths to make sure that everything is turned off before we hit the sack or leave for an extended trip. We’ve all sat up late to make sure all the embers in the fireplace fade away, and we’ve lectured our kids on the dangers of playing with matches. And for good reason. It’s called fire, it is every homeowner’s nightmare, and fully capable of reducing your home or business to burned out rubble in short order.

A fire can completely destroy your home, along with valuable furniture, clothing, possessions, heirlooms, antiques….not much is fireproof enough to resist damage, and what is left behind can be severe, requiring specialized treatment for proper repair and restoration. If the fire didn’t damage a given area, the chances are very good that smoke and soot did.

At 911 Restoration we are proud to offer fire and smoke damage repair and restoration among our full roster of restoration services. Our service technicians are well educated, properly trained, and thoroughly experienced in all areas of the restoration process, and we can take care of even the largest fire damage events. We use only the latest tools and techniques that are available to work on your home, and our goal is to restore your property to its pre-loss condition.

As with any major disaster, it is important to begin the fire restoration process as rapidly as possible, because this type of damage will not repair itself. In fact, it may actually get worse over time. The sooner you begin, the less likely you will have to deal with any long term problems. Water and foam are often used to extinguish fires, so in many cases you have have water damage that needs to be addressed. Soot and ash combined with water and foam makes for a pretty severe mess to be cleaned up.

We can have a service provider on your front doorstep within hours, ready to assess and handle any and all kinds of fire and smoke damage. All of our service personnel are properly trained and IICRC certified, which means we know how to take care of your unique needs.

There are a number of active threats at work in fire damage situations. Smoldering embers create toxic fumes that are dangerous if inhaled, and leftover water and foam can cause the accelerated propagation of mold. Mold shows up within 72 hours of a fire and be extremely difficult to get rid of and remediate. Damaged electrical units come with the threat of electrical shock, and leaking gas mixed with smoldering ash or open flame can cause subsequent ignition.

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